Among the many advantages that Technofilm is able to guarantee its customers, there is above all that of the benefits of personalized packaging. Thanks to a highly trained staff and a series of dedicated locations and tools we can meet the specific needs of customers and take care of delivery, too.

These, in short, are the main services that we at Technofilm are able to offer:

Graphics department available to customers to customise products to the fullest

Extrusion of reels in polyethylene or bio-compostable material, in neutral, white and coloured for third parties

Deliveries made directly with Technofilm quickly and safely in the regions of Umbria and Lazio

Possibility of delivery throughout Italy by courier

Custom packaging can further embellish your business, give a touch of differentiation or aesthetic sense to products that are initially considered useful but not necessarily beautiful. From colours to prints, you can have a product tailored to your every need thanks to the professionalism and specialisation we have been carrying out since 1995 and that we continue to improve upon.


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