Technofilm was founded in 1995 in Terni to satisfy all customers who use flexible polyethylene, polypropylene and biodegradable packaging. Our factory has qualified personnel able to assist the customer from the beginning. From the choice of material, the different formats, personalized printing to much more.

In recent years, our company has invested in structural growth with a new factory where it has transferred production and invested in machinery to increase and improve market needs.

In 2015, following the analyses carried out on our samples of biodegradable material from the AIB-Vinçotte, we received the (Vinçotte S493 “Ok Compost”) mark, now renamed “Ok Compost” TUV, which represents the environmental conformity of the product finished within the European Community.


Strada di Recentino, 16, 05100 Terni TR Italy
Phone: +39 0744 800425
E-mail: technofilmsrl@libero.it

P.IVA: 00676540552 - uri : TERNI - rea : 68062 - Capitale Soc.: 73.000 €

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